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Ron Nadeau

Ron Nadeau's primary interest has been "making-a-difference" through conscious business practices by emphasizing spiritual and business growth as inseparable values. His interest in humanitarian projects and environmental healing has involved him in global projects through an international business (Shaman's International est. 1991). 
Ron founded a start-up enterprise that is worldwide. He is recognized as one of the Founders of The Conservation Alliance, Founding board member of Medicines Global/Nepal, Chairman of the Outdoor Products Council (Sporting Goods Mfg. Assoc.) and other business and professional organizations. In addition, his involvement with lobbying, testifing to the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources, relief efforts with AmeriCares, participation with Business for Social Responsibility and Habitat for Humanity has sharpened his sense of urgency for conscious business reform and a closer examination of the healing process.
Ron's in-depth exploration of sustainability, right-relationship and proactive visioning with a business perspective and healing intention has become his life path. In turning to nature herself to explore and unravel the language of Nature, Ron has been a student of indigenous knowledge for many years, learning to apply shamanic healing traditions to develop long-term, win-win wisdom teachings. Ron founded Spirit House in 2005.


16550 Franklin Rd.
Fort Bragg, CA


Phone: 707-961-0776