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"Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing" is 501 (C)(3) non-profit, nonsecular, charitable organization dedicated to providing support within our community to re-member our true identities as Sacred beings connected with the Sacredness of Life. We offer healing supportive services to those touched by life threatening illness, ceremonies using Attitudinal Healing Principles, study groups, workshops, retreats and opportunities for community to gather, sing/dance/play music for healing and deepen our awareness of the Sacred. We define healing as the process of letting go of painful beliefs and fearful attitudes. When we let go of fear, only Love remains.

At Spirit House Center we have a variety of on-going programs, services, retreats and planned offerings to the community we serve. We work with groups and individuals using Attitudinal Healing Principles to explore healing and inner peace. We are located in Northern California on the beautiful Mendocino Coast between the villages of Historic Mendocino and the town of Fort Bragg. Located on two acres we can accommodate small groups. 

"Attitudinal healing" is the process of releasing our fears so that we can experience our natural state which is to be loving and peaceful. As we "choose-again" to change our fearful attitudes, we are free to let go of the past and to live in the present moment, to forgive ourselves and others, to feel our connectedness with others, and to feel loved. The healed mind trusts that the world is governed by a power in it but not of it; that power is Love, the most important healing power in the world. And that power will guide us to the extent we trust it and remember to call upon it.

Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing

16550 Franklin Road

Fort Bragg, CA - U.S.A


tel. (707) 961-0776