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MCHN Statement of Purpose

Promotion of Mendocino Coast and County as a Health and Healing Community destination
The Mendocino Coast Healers’ Network (MCHN) is a membership association for healing arts practitioners and other holistic healthcare professionals including Allopathic and integrative (CAM) modeling, serving Mendocino County and the local Mendocino Coast region~. 
MCHN offers membership opportunities and support levels to the general public and other groups or organization that would like to associate and support our mission/vision and objectives~. 

MCHN promotes the education of Healing arts of healthcare professionals, the public in all aspects of holistic caring and healing. We recognize both Allopathic and Alternative modalities as options or healing choices~. 

MCHN strives to advance and promote Health and Healing by providing education opportunities within the community of Healers and the public we serve. We are also interested in the promotion of “Destination Mendocino Health” as a venue for retreat and rejuvenation with enhanced emphasis on Healing Arts and a Community of Health~. We strive for the recognition of a integrative health care system (CAM Model) within a sustainable healthy environment~.  
As a resource to its members, MCHN provides a supportive community, informative publications, Information and educational opportunities, local networking opportunities and a focus on self-care and wellness, among others.  
We are actively striving to improve our County and Coastal Environment for the health of our community and to profile the Mendocino Coast as a healthy healing destination.  We also strive to attract those out of area to visit the Mendocino County and Coastal areas to take full advantage of healthy environment and communities with the express purpose of regenerative health and healing~.   
We want to attract and promote both healers’ as well as, those seeking professional assistance for personal treatment and healing. while visiting Mendocino County.
Our definition of health is inner peace. We define healing as the process of letting go of painful beliefs and fearful attitudes. When we let go of fear, only love remains. 


16550 Franklin Rd. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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Phone: 707-961-0776


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