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Sacred Communion - Plant Medicine & the Human Soul / Speaker Series

Presenter: Dr. Mark Seelig is a Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Psychology and Lead Therapist Trainer at the Usona Institute, Madison, WI
He is a long time student of indigenous wisdom traditions, Musician and Minister~.

Below are some of the topics that will be covered in Dr. Seeligs presentation~. The presentation will begin in Spirit House followed by a few questions and then adjourn to the Yurt for an open conversation about this timely subject with tea and cookies~.

Sacred Communion
Plant Medicine and the Human Soul
Talk and Discussion
Mark Seelig PhD
Some headlines of the talk that we’ll discuss:
- Evolutionary explosion of the human neocortex:
Issues of accountability and integrity
- Institutionalized religions:
The dis-empowerment of individual spirituality
- The church:
Sacred rituals declared heretic
- The conquer-and-exploit mentality of industrial societies:
Colonization and oppression
- Mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical drugs:
A schizophrenic distortion of the nature of the human soul
- Terminology ~ ‘Drugs’ vs. ‘Medicines’:
Long term health issues of ingestion
- Psychopathological labels and diagnoses:
The deluded and superstitious narrative of reductionists
- Big pharma:
The money driven mafia
- Ideology vs. natural alignment and common sense:
The natural hierarchy of heart and mind
- The history of humanistic and transpersonal psychology:
From ‘disease model’ to ‘health model’.
- Trauma, depression, addiction:
The tweaked quest for communion
- Indigenous wisdom and sacred plants:
An honest look at the oldest spiritual insights of humanity
- An outlook for this planet’s inhabitants:
The purpose of this life and this universe


16550 Franklin Rd. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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Phone: 707-961-0776


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