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Psychedelics & Sacred Plants ~ Speakers Series ~ Dr. Mark Seelig PhD

Wonderful presentation by Dr. Mark Seelig ~~~ We are streaming via ZOOM platform
Spirit House Center ~ Speaker Series
"Psychedelics and Sacred Plants"
Talk and Discussion
Mark Seelig PhD
This Zoom talk is for educational purposes and Community Safety (by Zoom link unless C-19 restriction for gathering is lifted) it is intended to provide information and edification about the history, therapeutic and ceremonial use, dosing, pharmacological effects,
and current research of the following substances:
MDMA ~ LSD ~ Mescalin ~ Psilocybin ~ Ayahuasca ~ 5 Meo-DMT ~ 2-CB ~ Ketamines ~ Ibogaine
The intention of the talk is to understand how plant medicines can support humans in their quest for healing, meaning making, and living healthy and sustainably.
After Dr. Seelig's presentation there will be a open community question/answer period.
note: In the event of possible gathering this is an alcohol and drug free event.


16550 Franklin Rd. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

For directions, click here


Phone: 707-961-0776


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