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Live Your Essence with the Will of Your Heart™ and Celebrate Life

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Jun 8 2019 - 10:00am to 7:00pm
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Live Your Essence with the Will of Your Heart™ and Celebrate Life

Deep Transformational Work with Siegmar and Cornelia Gerken

Embrace the Unity of Life
Honor Your Essential Qualities
Harmonize Your Body, Feelings and Mind
Live with Self-Empowerment and Mindful Presence
Join us and rejuvenate in a personal retreat while deepening your learning in an inspiring environment with wonderful people in beautiful Mendocino County.

Essence represents a state as well as a process of Being and Becoming, in which we are in contact with our individual existence and experience the connectedness of all life. Essence then becomes a continued process of realizing our inner truth and free expression of life.

Core Evolution addresses the wholeness of a person – their qualities and unique potential. From this trust in our inherent power of love, goodness, creativity and capacity for self-healing, we utilize these qualities and resources to move towards self-realization - personally and professionally.

Among many other topics that participants bring, we address subjects such as:

Somatic Awareness and the Practice of Mindfulness

Mindful body-awareness brings you more into touch with your feelings and allows you to embrace the Now of experience without judgement or fear and with that furthers emotional healing and personal evolution.

The Body as the Temple of the Soul

How does the personal history become visible in your body mind-field? In your personal development you formed inner working models, which influence your emotions, body reactions, thinking, behavior and beliefs. They fulfilled an important need in your early development, but often are not adequate anymore for who you are today. By experiencing, observing and understanding the underlying needs and learning how to nourish them, you can successfully change these patterns*.

Emotions and feelings are invited to emerge and can be expressed. Exploring the roots of these emotions and feelings and discovering how you hold them in your body-mind system, often guides you to find more harmonious integration in your present life.
Moving Energy and Consciousness – Wild-Heart-Meditation™ – CoreDance
A dynamic celebration of aliveness. Experience this joy-filled, transformative process of inner and outer movement, including dance, authentic movement, creative expression, communi- cation, meditation and more!

Love is the Resonance with the Flow of Life

The state of love allows you to recognize the larger dimensions of lIfe. In experiencing this flow, you open to the love for yourself and others and to the love that others express to you. This deep- ens heart communication, intimacy and authenticity.

A person in love will communicate and create from a place of harmony, well-being, peace, aliveness and a sense of fulfillment. In this state you open for new choices in feeling, thinking and behavior.

This powerful and at the same time subtle, dynamic experiential teaching is for participants who are ready to discover life beyond their personal limitations and to find a richer expression of the authentic self.
Cornelia and Siegmar have over 40 years experience in working with people, and with their knowledge, competence and intuition, they choose the approach that is needed to reach each person: Working body-oriented, using exercises, movement, dance, shifting of restricting breathing patterns and other supportive, opening moments, life situations become more apparent.

This 2 day workshop (Sat. June 8th & 9th) is also designed for participants, who want to expand their approach in working with people, and who are interested to join our professional training in September 2019. Cornelia's and Siegmar’s integrative style meets the beginner on the conscious path as well as the professional therapist.*

* Find more in-depth material in our 10-page curriculum for the professional Core Evolution Training beginning September 2019 www.CoreEvolution.com
It also answers some questions what benefit this program can give you.
“Your blend of professional competence, powerful interventions, sensitive care, personal dynamic, humor and lightness has been the most influencing source for my own way of working with individuals and groups. Joar Skjevdal, MA Civil Engineer, MA Psychologist, Senior Consultant

Reconnect, Affirm and Strengthen Your Qualities and Capacities!

Experience the Joy of Aliveness as Foundation for Integration and Healing!

Times: Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 10am-4:30pm (bring a lunch)

Fee: Early enrollment discount until May 20th: $ 195. - after May 20th: $ 245.-

Registration: Spirit House: Go our Donation Page to Register http://spirithousehealing.org/content/donations
or call ron@spirithousehealing.org; Tel. 707. 961-0776 Web-site: http://spirithousehealing.org

Siegmar Gerken, PhD, ECP, HP studied psychology, education and anthropology. He has pioneered body-oriented and mindfulness-centered therapy and Humanistic and Somatic Psychology since 1971. He taught on the faculty of JFK University Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, Behavioral Therapy Training Institute Hamburg and teaches at universities and private institutes worldwide on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and consciousness. His research in energy field documentation with Prof. F. Popp on psycho-emotional states opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Siegmar is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor.

Cornelia Gerken, CMP, ECP, HP completed her university studies in Göttingen, Germany with a degree in education and further studies in psychology. Cornelia integrates different psychosomatic and psycho-spiritual approaches. She developed her own synthesis, CoreSoma, which looks at somatic reality as the foundation of our lives. In her work she shares her compassion and joy for life, bringing a deep presence of the feminine. Cornelia is also a dancer and artist. With her husband she is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the International Institutes. Cornelia and Siegmar have three adult children together.


Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing is once again blessed to have Siegmar and Cornelia Gerken offering their powerful and at the same time subtle, dynamic experiential teaching here on the Coast at Spirit House~. They travel the world with their offerings to groups and conferences in exotic, expensive setting and now we have them with us again this June~! We have observed numerous transformations, healing with deep insights with participants~. If there is resonance for you in this offering, we give this workshop a very strong recommendation~!


16550 Franklin Rd. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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Phone: 707-961-0776


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