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May 2 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm
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The Mystical Art of Micah Sanger ~~ Wednesday May 2nd from 7 to 9:30pm ~
~ Suggested offering $12 - $18
~ A Talk, Slide show and Demonstration by the Artist ~ PLUS: There is also a component of this evenings presentation when participants will be invited to explore drawing (materials provided)~.
Artist Bio for Spirit House
A brief curriculum vitae
I studied art at Clemson University, the University of Santa Barbara and Chico State University for over eight years, extending over a period of time from 1969 to 1985. I also apprenticed under the nationally known artist Richard Goetz in the mid-seventies for a brief time. I moved away from the gallery/museum scene of the art world in 1996 to delve deeply into the study of perception and its relationship to the creative process. This journey into the study of perception would extend over the next two decades through long periods of meditation and focused awareness. I continued to paint during this time to express the realizations I was having and to integrate them into my educational art website I was creating. This marriage of the concepts in the website coupled with my art felt like a Rubik’s cube coming together into one beautiful integrated whole. I sensed the website becoming a linchpin—a center from which my creative expressions could radiating out into the world. After my two-decade hiatus from the art scene, I once again exhibited my art in September of 2017 at the Sausalito Art Festival.
My illustrated book, Tōbē and the River Is arose out of my website as an alternative way to touch people and help them move into a revelation of heightened perception through the experiences of the protagonist, Tobe. Since its release in 2016, I am proud to say Tōbē and the River Is continues to get recognition as an inspirational book. It has won The Nautilus Book Award, The Ben Franklin Award, The Global eBook Award and The New Apple Book Award. The Nautilus Book Award was especially meaningful because it was in the Memoir Category, which means they realize, as fantastic as the story is, it is not just a made-up fairy tale but is based on real experience.


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