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The Pulsation of Being and the Will of Your Heart™

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The Pulsation of Being and the Will of Your Heart™
Event Date:
Mar 10 2018 - 10:00am to 7:30pm
Image Event:

Early enrollment discount until February 16 is coming up !
March 10 + 11, 2018 In the Yurt at Spirit House Center For Healing
~ Mendocino/Fort Bragg, California http://spirithousehealing.org (707) 961-0776
with Cornelia & Siegmar Gerken
Experience how Core Evolution can enhance your Personal and Professional Advancement in
Body-Wisdom, Emotional Regulation and Self-Realization
The Pulsation of Being and the Will of Your Heart™
The Joy of Aliveness as Foundation for Integration and Healing
Core Evolution addresses the wholeness of the person - their qualities and unique potential. From this trust in our inherent power of love, goodness, creativity and capacity for self-healing, we utilize these qualities and resources to move towards self-realization - personally and professionally.
In this experiential workshop we address topics such as:
Somatic Awareness and the Practice of Mindfulness
How do we structure our experiences on the level of our body, feelings, thinking, mind and in directing our will to realize our potential?
Explore the Matrix of Grounding
The Core Evolution concept to stand on the ground and feel connected to the Universe and to all existence.
Repression of Expression can cause Depression™
What was the personal dynamic that could not be expressed and lived? Which consequences did this have in the body-mind-field and what attitude and behavior resulted out of it?
Your History becomes Visible through your Personality Reactions Patterns™
Personality Reaction Patterns™ are structural and behavioral patterns, that are defined by the energy information we are born with, our genetic makeup, our family and society conditions as well as our environment and other forces we are living in.
They lead to the formation of inner working models, that influence your emotions, body reactions, thinking, behavior and beliefs. They fulfilled an important need in your early development, but often are not adequate any more for who you are today.
By experiencing and observing body reactions, and understanding the underlying needs and learning how to nourish them, you can successfully learn to change these patterns.
Find more in-depth material in our 10-page curriculum for the training in Core Evolution – an Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Training.
The Wild-Heart Meditation™
The dance of energy and consciousness - a movement exploration to celebrate life. A joy-filled, transformative process of inner and outer movement, including dance, authentic movement, creative expression, communication, meditation and more.
This workshop is for participants who want to expand their consciousness and choices in life and for practitioners who want to bring an integrative body-oriented and mindfulness-centered dimension to their work.
Reconnect, affirm and strengthen your qualities and capacities with individual and group processes, movement, dance, creative expression, communication, meditation and more.
Listen to Siegmar’s interview with Meridian University on the Mystery of Embodiment:
Times: Saturday 10am - 7.30pm; Sunday 10am - 5pm (bring a lunch) ~ Morning snacks, coffee & tea available.
Fee: Early enrollment until February 16: $ 195 -- after February 16: $ 245.
Non-Refundable Deposit: $100 http://spirithousehealing.org/donate PayPal ~ cash remainder on day of event.
Place: Spirit House, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 (707) 961-0776
~ Directions on web-site: http://spirithousehealing.org
(Accommodations in Mendocino-Ft. Bragg range from $ to $$$$, therefore make your reservation soon. We are more than happy to offer lodging suggestions).
For further questions and to register please contact us at Info@CoreEvolution.com
Personalized Intensives and Retreats in Core Evolution
for Individuals or Couples
with Siegmar or Cornelia Gerken
We offer individual work in our private practice in San Rafael, Marin County, at every location throughout our worldwide teaching schedule, as well as offering Skype sessions from anywhere.
A dynamic, interactive experience in a group always has its own rich quality and you may also combine your deeper inquiry with participation in a workshop. However, you may not have the time or a group does not seem to be the right setting for your topic or present process. Therefore, we offer extended private consultations in Mendocino, California.
People from many parts of the world have chosen this format for more privacy, better time coordination or as a personal retreat. In general people come to Personal Intensives/Retreats for 2 - 6 days. We work with you twice a day for as long as it takes for your body-mind process to find insights, new perspectives integration and healing with a chosen topic.
Mendocino is an idyllic artist village on the Pacific Coast, 3 hours North of San Francisco. It is a treat to hike under the redwoods, rejuvenate with the pulsation of the ocean, roam the art galleries or nourish yourself in the award winning restaurants.
Please contact us to schedule an appointment: Info@CoreEvolution.com
Who we are:
With over 40 years of teaching experience, we are pioneers in the field of Body-Oriented Mindfulness-Centered Therapy, Somatic, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, with expanded studies in psychodynamics and behavioral approaches. Teaching at the cutting edge of research and the application in our field we search to touch the essence of a person with competence, love and joy, supporting the full potential to be realized.
Siegmar Gerken, PH.D., ECP, HP (Psychotherapy) studied psychology, education and anthropology. He is on the faculty of JFK University Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, Behavioral Therapy Training Institute Hamburg and teaches at universities and private institutes worldwide on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and consciousness. His research in energy field documentation with Prof. F. Popp on psycho-emotional states opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Dr. Gerken is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor.
Cornelia Gerken, CMP, ECP, HP (Psychotherapy) completed her university studies in Göttingen, Germany with a degree in education and further studies in psychology. Cornelia integrates different psychosomatic and psycho-spiritual approaches. She developed her own synthesis, CoreSoma, which looks at somatic reality as the foundation of our lives. In her work she shares her compassion and joy for life, bringing a deep presence of the feminine. Cornelia is also a dancer and artist. With her husband she is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the International Institutes.
Cornelia & Siegmar have been married for 40 years and have three adult children.
Cornelia and Siegmar Gerken conduct professional programs in:
• Core Evolution Trauma Therapy;
• Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Therapy™ - Core Evolution®;
• Specialized Management and Coaching Seminars for Authentic Leadership and Emotional Competence;
• The Energy & Consciousness Programs™ for Applied Psychology, Spirituality and Science.
They are available for private consultations worldwide online or in their private practice.
Info@CoreEvolution.com http://www.CoreEvolution.com
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    16550 Franklin Rd.
    Fort Bragg, CA
    Phone: 707-961-0776
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    16550 Franklin Rd. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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    Phone: 707-961-0776


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