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For the first time in 12 years we will not be hosting our quarterly Spring Equinox Celebration, Ritual and Fundraiser. We want to encourage you to honor the first day of Spring, Monday, March 20th, on your own....or create a small gathering with family and friends to celebrate the powers of spring; new beginnings, creative vision. Start new right where you are.....forgive yourself or someone else....honor the visions you have for this next season of your life. We look forward to seeing you all again at the Summer Solstice in June and wish you all a HAPPY SPRING. In lieu of supporting Spirit House by attending this event, if you still feel called to make your quarterly contribution, we would welcome you to push the Donate button. With Gratitude for our community and blessings always available when we honor the path the offers us renewal, rebirth and illumination.

Many blessings, with love and gratitude,
Ron & Toni & Spirit House Boar of Directors

http://www.spirithousehealing.org/ "Spirit House Center for Attitudinal Healing" is a nonprofit, charitable organization. We offer support service to those touched by life threatening illness. We provide workshops, retreats and opportunities for community to gather, heal and deepen our awareness of the Sacred. We believe that love and forgiveness are the most important healing powers in the world. Our definition of health is inner peace. We define healing as the process of letting go of painful beliefs and fearful attitudes. When we let go of fear, only love remains.

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Mar 19 2017 (All day)


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